Please Read below the details of our training program.

If you would like to schedule a training consultation Please call us at 312-983-0555

Our training staff has over 25 years experience in scientific based animal behavior, we have trained over 7000 K9s in over 30 countries.

Our founder, David Reese, is licensed and certified to train and certify police and military working dogs and has worked with some of the top trainers, scientist and doctors in the animal behavior field.

Our dog trainer’s are patient and skilled, helping manage untrained dogs throughout the basic to advanced dog training course. You’ll see great results, and the frequent rewards we provide your dog during each stage of training will make them more attentive to you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your trained dog could stay in place while you walked into the other room for a few minutes? Or if he’d obediently remain by your side in a crowd? What if your dog listened to every command they were given? Imagine if you could achieve this with no prior knowledge of dog training in just 10 minutes 3 times a day.

Welcome to the world of boarding & training!

The price is $1,999.99.
That includes, All the Materials you will need:
-The 6ft leather leash
-The 20 foot material long line 
-The Herms sprenger pinch collar
-The dogtra ecollar 
-The 14 days of boarding & training in advanced off lead obedience
-The introductory lesson with you & your dog, 3 complimentary lessons after completion
-And a complimentary bath on the day your pup goes home

We do require half the cost ($999.99) up front which covers all the training materials and the boarding cost. The remaining payment is due after you complete your initial training session on the 14th day!

After training is complete we do offer maintenance sessions during daycare for an additional $35/Day (on top of the daycare charge)

If you would like to schedule a training consultation.

Please call us at 312-983-0555