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Welcome to Very Important Pets hotel

We offer the finest in overnight accommodations for your pet including dog, pet daycare, boarding & grooming facility in Chicago with luxury suites and 40 shoreline kennels and the most state of the art boarding kennels in the world. Our In-House Daycare, Boarding, & Grooming with optional transportation services are located in our 30,000 Sq. Ft Chicago facility. Either you are looking for a place for your pet including Dog, Cat, Small Animal and Reptile to stay while you travel or need pet training, daycare, boarding or grooming, we have you covered. At VIP’s Pet Hotel we know it’s tough to leave your pet behind while you travel. We provide you the excellent customer service through regular updates, photos, and videos.
At VIP’S You’ll find peace of mind in the activities and plans we make for your Dog, Cat, Small Animal and Reptile boarding, stay and daycare.

Our caring staff ensures your Dog, Cat, Small Animal, or Reptile is healthy, comfortable, happy, loved and well cared for while he or she is staying with us.

Regardless of your reason for boarding, VIP’S is the perfect place to leave your Dog, Cat, Small Animal, or Reptile. When your pet cannot be at home, book him or her a vacation — at Very Important Pet’s hotels today!

Depend on VIP’S when your schedule includes:

  • Business trips
  • Leisure travel
  • Either short-term or extended vacations
  • Weekend getaways
  • Home remodeling and construction projects
  • Entertaining in your home
  • And any other time your pet wants to get the itch to play all night!

Regardless of your reason for boarding, VIP’S is the perfect place to leave your pet. When your pet cannot be at home, book him or her a vacation — at Very Important Pet’s Hotel

Our Facilities

  • Dog, cat, small animal and reptile Day Care from specialized staff
  • Cat, dog, small animal and Reptile Boarding
  • Small animal, dog, cat and Reptile Grooming Facility
  • Reptile, dog, cat and small Animal Transportation
  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Temperature controlled rooms for Exotic Animals & Reptiles
  • Radiant heated floors
  • special events planning
  • Training
  • pet transit



Why Choose VIP’s Pet Hotel?

We provide a large range of facilities including

  • Largest luxury suites in Chicago that includes a raised bed, and color TV for stress relief and relaxation.
  • Cutting edge heated flooring with central drain systems throughout
  • State of the art air purification system that includes a specially designed ventilation system
  • Highest level of sanitizing procedures possible
  • Best daycare services for pets and dogs
  • Carefully designed layout — the entire facility has been planned to maximize the comfort during your Dog, Cat, Small Animal, or Reptiles stay with us
  • Premium dog shampoo — Tropiclean brand in Berry, Oatmeal, and White Coat.
  • Introduction and Socialization for new pets
  • Luxury suites and 40+ shoreline kennels for dog boarding
  • One on one play available for dogs who prefer people
  • Jog a dog running sessions for dogs with extra energy or high stress
  • Flawless customer service
  • Cat, Small Animal, or Reptile pet care services
  • Obsessive about every detail of your pets’ stay
  • Maximum care and maximum comfort for your pet
  • Extra ordinary care during daycare, boarding and grooming
  • Hygienic environment
  • Loving and caring staff
  • Members of our staff have been trained to care for all types of pets
  • Snack and play time for pets and dogs
  • Social snuggles, belly rubs, and lots of love!
  • Clean facility that is maintained twice daily
  • Cage cleanings
  • Food & water bowls are cleaned 2-3 times daily
  • Playtime & regular cleanings for Cats, Small Animals, & Reptiles

Experienced Groomer

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Well-Rounded Training


Luxury Suites


VIP’s Pet Hotel 2926 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL 60612