Dog Grooming



 Give your pet a true paradise experience with extra pampering! We offer a full suite of pet spa and grooming services for dogs, cats, small animals and reptiles. From nail trims to hot oil treatments and fur trims to spa baths, we have you covered.

For added convenience, we allow both new and returning customers to make grooming appointments online.
At VIP’S we use Tropiclean Luxury Dog Shampoos and Conditioners for pet spa and grooming.

Our VIP Spa Bath includes

• Triple wash, scrub,rinse (Berry, Oatmeal, and White Coat Tropiclean)
• Blueberry Facial
• Brushing teeth
• Nail trimming & filing
• External anal gland expression
• Towel & Blow Dry
• Emu Oil Treatment (keeps fur soft, shiny, smooth, and clean!)
• Full Brush
• Bandana
Our grooming artists have prior work experience and place a lot of value on continuing to learn the latest techniques in pet grooming. Our bathing technicians have previous experience bathing dogs, cats, small animals and reptiles. And excel at making sure that pets feel comfortable as they are being washed.

Our VIP Pet Spa and Grooming includes all of the above as well as your choice of:

• breed standard cut
• Comfort cut
• Puppy cut
• Shave
• De-shed
Juan is happy to discuss your options with you & customize your dog’s cut to you preferences. He has been grooming for over 12 years, and knows how to keep all pets comfortable during their pet spa and grooming time!

For Grooming (haircut)

please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to schedule. Juan comes every Monday at 8 am.

Spa Bath

VIP Spa Baths are given daily by our staff as many parents prefer to pick up a freshly cleaned pooch! Please schedule a pet spa and grooming bath at least 24 hours in advance; We are happy to give last minute baths, but need at least 2 hours to ensure your pet is fully dried before going home.

Nail Trims

We offer nail trimming for those dogs with long quicks & nails.